Since 1981, COHEAO has served as a partnership of colleges, universities, and organizations dedicated to promoting student friendly, efficiently operated campus-based loan and tuition payment programs. COHEAO members are dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Federal Perkins Loan and HHS Loan Programs. COHEAO also advocates for the sound regulation of student financial services operations and campus accounts-receivable management practices.

COHEAO keeps you connected to Washington in two ways—1) helping you access and communicate with relevant Congressional and Administration officials & 2) keeping you informed on the legislative, regulatory, and industry landscape.

COHEAO leadership and staff regularly meet with higher education policymakers, providing you with guidance on the key players and how to communicate with them. COHEAO’s advocacy efforts have been critical for maintaining Congressional support for Perkins Loans despite proposals to eliminate the program.

COHEAO also provides members with alerts on breaking developments and The Torch, a bi-weekly newsletter designed to keep you informed on Congress, the Administration, and the higher education community.

COHEAO hosts 2 conferences each year on campus-based loans and higher education finance. Members receive a significant discount at these events, which feature informative programs, networking opportunities, and discussions with Members of Congress, key officials from the Department of Education, and other leaders in student lending and financial aid.

COHEAO provides professional development and training opportunities including teleconferences offered at a reduced fee to members. COHEAO’s professional development opportunities help members stay informed on higher education legislation and regulations, ensure compliance, and learn more on best practices relating to institutional loans, regulatory compliance, receivables, debt management and other relevant topics.