COHEAO Survey: Campus-based Funding — Impact on Retention & Completion

March 8, 2019 · by mlivolsi · Spark Notes

Dear Valued Colleague:

While hearings are being scheduled and Congressional priorities established for reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA), several Members of Congress have expressed their bi-partisan support of COHEAO’s proposal for a “21st Century” version of the expired Federal Perkins Loan Program. COHEAO has been asked to conduct a poll designed to measure support for the Program and potential for broader participation of colleges & universities nationwide.    

  • For schools that do not have a Perkins Loan Program, this brief survey asks for your school’s level of interest in an expanded version of the former Federal Perkins Loan Program.
  • For schools that participated in the Perkins Program and are no longer disbursing new loans since its expiration, this brief survey covers two subjects:
  1. The impact on retention and completion as a result of the expiration; and
  2. The school’s interest in participating in an expanded version of the Perkins Loan Program

Please CLICK HERE to complete the brief survey so that COHEAO can quantify the Higher Ed community’s feedback and communicate the facts to Congress, the Administration, the media and the public. All information will be reported in aggregate. Individual responses will not be shared.

Thank you and we look forward to your feedback.



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