Contact Your Members of Congress to Oppose Perkins Loan Relief Legislation

July 17, 2020 · by mlivolsi · Spark Notes

As you’re aware, the COVID-19 Perkins Loan Relief Act (H.R. 7294) was recently introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA). We know that this legislation creates significant concerns for both our institutional and commercial members and the bill does not seem to acknowledge the unique nature of the Perkins Loan program. Issues with this legislation include:

  • Difficulty of retroactively halting and returning payments;
  • Extreme administrative burden and notification requirements;
  • Limitation of contact with delinquent borrowers;
  • And unnecessary regulations.

Senator Reed (D-RI) and Senator Murkowski (R-AK) will soon introduce a bill similar to H.R. 7294 in the Senate. While the Senate version of this legislation is slightly improved, it still has many of the same problems. While COHEAO is working in Washington to oppose these pieces of legislation, we need your help to contact members of Congress and their staff to ensure they understand the impact these bills will have on their constituents.

Below is outreach material for you to contact your members of Congress and their staff regarding H.R. 7294, introduced by Rep. Porter, and soon to be introduced legislation by Senator Reed. One document contains email language for the H.R. 7294 and the House of Representatives, while the other document contains email language for Senator Reed’s bill and the Senate. Each document has a sample email for institutional members and an email for commercial members. There is also a list of education staffers for each member of the House and Senate if you need to know who to contact.

With your help, we can stop these bills from advancing any further and becoming law. If you have any questions, please contact Harrison Wadsworth ( or Jared Solomon (

Education Staff – House Senate July 2020

HR 7294 Porter Perkins Bill Outreach Email

Reed Murkowski Perkins Bill Outreach Email


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