Membership in COHEAO is open to colleges and universities, companies with contracts with institutions of higher education as well as other organizations interested in and involved directly with post secondary finance issues. These include secondary market firms and loan guarantors. Each member organization must designate one primary member and may enroll as many associate members as it desires.  Click here to join today.

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Benefits of Membership

SERVICE – Each organization is allowed one vote from their primary member on matters requiring a vote. While only primary members may serve on the Board of Directors, ALL members have the opportunity to participate in various COHEAO Task Forces & Committees.

NETWORKING – COHEAO’s Annual Meeting, Spring and Fall workshops, and webinars offer its members opportunities to network with others who share the common goal of increasing access to post-secondary education through student financial services.

INFORMATION – COHEAO’s bi-weekly newsletter, The Torch, is the industry’s principal publication devoted to post-secondary finance.  Along with news alerts via SparkNotes, the monthly Financial Wellness Newsletter, and the COHEAO website, members receive timely information regarding legislative activities, regulatory updates and general industry news.

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