COHEAO membership dues are surprisingly affordable. Please take full advantage of all the benefits of a COHEAO membership including:

  • FREE Webinars
  • Ability to request personalized round table training and discussions with COHEAO Subject Matter Experts
  • Discounted registration on COHEAO conferences
  • Bi-weekly industry updates delivered in The Torch, and breaking news via Spark Notes
  • Documented Professional Development with the COHEAO Achievement Program (CAP)
  • Unlimited Associate Memberships from your school/organization at no additional cost
  • Participation in COHEAO Task Forces and Committees
  • Eligibility to serve on the COHEAO Board of Directors

This is such a critical time for Higher Education with the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, the fight to create a replacement Perkins loan program while ensuring the orderly wind-down of the original program, and staying on top of the ever growing and changing list of regulatory and technical requirements. Please consider joining COHEAO to remain informed and a part of the advocacy efforts which benefit you, your institution or organization, and most importantly, all of our students!

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COHEAO Membership Rates:

Institutional Membership:
For colleges, universities, and other post-secondary institutions. Membership fees are based on the number of full-time enrollments (FTE’s). Membership includes unlimited associate members at no additional charge.

  • Full-time EnrollmentsAnnual Membership Dues
    Under 5,000 $210
    5,000 – 9,999    $340
    10,000 to 20,000$480
    Greater than 20,000$595

Commercial Membership – $3,000
For corporations or other entities that provide services to institutions of higher education. Membership includes two associate members at no additional charge.

Organizational Membership – $1,500
For persons or organizations not involved in contractual agreements with schools for the servicing of campus-based funds. Membership includes two associate members at no additional charge.