Please Register with the New COHEAO Membership & Events Website

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October 21, 2013 · by mlivolsi · Spark Notes

As we mentioned in The Torch, COHEAO launched a new website for members recently.  We are extremely excited about this new site and look forward to using all of its features.

At first, the site will serve largely as the spot for event registration, dues payments, and a members-only area for COHEAO members.  In the future, look for this site to become much more interactive with group discussions, poll questions, and many valuable and useful features.

The new site has wonderful new features, but there are some key changes in the way it works.  Please take a couple of minutes to read these directions for the new site and get set up to use it:


As a COHEAO Primary Member you can login simply by using your email address and use the default password “COHEAO1” for your initial login.  Upon logging in, we strongly recommend you change your password.  This can be done by clicking on the “Manage Profile” link in the upper right of the page and then clicking on the “Edit Bio” link under Information & Settings.

Important Note:   In order for your colleagues at your organization to receive membership benefits, such as webinar and conference discounts, they must be registered with the site and connected within our internal networks with your organization. This means your colleagues will need to establish “sub-accounts.”  Follow the directions below to send the sub-account link to anyone in your organization who may want to participate in a COHEAO webinar or project.  Directions for inviting colleagues to set up sub-accounts: 

  1. Log into the new website
  2. Enter your username and password (your email address will be your username and “COHEAO1” will be your password for your initial login)
  3. Click on the Manage Profile link
  4. Click on the “Sub-Accounts” link under the Information & Settings section (this option is located near the top of the Make-up umelcu a dech berouci efekty se spojily a prinesly nam tento 100 radkovy hraci automat , diky kteremu ziskate vyhry vyssi nez je obvykle. screen). From this Sub-Accounts page, you can:

a.   Enter the email addresses of your colleagues within your institution or company in the space provided under “Invite New Members.”  Your colleagues will receive an automated email directing them to visit the site and provide their information; or

b.   You can also send Your Sub-Account Direct Link to your colleagues at your organization (you can simply copy and paste this link and send it via email).  Once your colleagues receive this email, all they will need to do is click on the link, enter their information, and they will be registered as sub-accounts/associates.

c.   We also strongly suggest if you are a Primary Member that you send the sub-account link to yourself and register as an individual sub-account within your organization.  Currently, you are considered the primary contact at your organization, but as the COHEAO site continues to develop, you will want the site to recognize you as an individual.  This will also allow you to see how this “sub-account” system works as you send the links and/or invitations to your colleagues. 

COHEAO Primary Members:  If you have an issue logging in, please let Wes Huffman know at whuffman@wpllc.netCOHEAO Associate Members:  If you would like Wes to add you to your organization (and have not received an invitation from your primary member), please send him an email at  Primary and associate members may also call 202.289.3910.    

Check out the site today, and more importantly, please bookmark it as we expect to add new features over the coming weeks and months: And don’t forget, if you’d like to register for the upcoming COHEAO webinar, “Perkins Cohort Default Management,” you can do so by visiting here: (Please be sure you are logged in to receive COHEAO Member rates)

As always, if you have any difficulties with registration, please do not hesitate to contact Wes Huffman (  We are looking forward to making use of the new features of our website and appreciate your patience as we make the transition.

Wes Huffman
Associate Director
Direct:  202.349.2309