State Advocacy Efforts

As many of you know, last year a bill was introduced in the California Assembly.  The bill is AB1160, the Protecting Students from Creditor Colleges Act was introduced on February 16, 2023 by Assembly Member Blanca Pacheco.  The bill would expand the current California ban on transcript withholding to include degrees and certificates or otherwise any other harm to the student as a result of their debt.  It further prevents institutions from contracting with or selling to third-party collection agencies.  COHEAO, with its institutional and commercial members, have voiced opposition to this bill and that opposition resulted in the bill being tabled last year. 

However, on January 10th, 2024, the Assembly Higher Education Committee marked up the bill and made a few changes.  One of those changes would allow institutions to contract with a collection agency, but would need to wait 180 days and send a “good-bye” letter.  The amended legislation would require the letter to contain a long list of information that creates additional burden on institutions.  As such, COHEAO has drafted a sign-on letter (linked here) and are encouraging schools and others to sign-on.  This letter will remain active and will be updated as necessary in opposition to AB1160.  We are encouraging institutions and commercial entities sign this letter.  COHEAO will forward the letter and the list of signatories to the appropriate California officials, as the bill works its way through the process.  The next scheduled action is the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Thursday, January 18, 2024.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact COHEAO Executive Director, Bob Moran , at


Many states have recently passed laws that impact higher education – especially the business office. The Coalition continues to monitor the ever-growing compliance requirements at the state level to keep you updated on what you need to know.

State Transcript Laws
New transcript withholding legislation has passed in many states while many other states have pending legislation. Click here for up-to-date state transcript information.

California AB1160
The Protecting Students from Creditor Colleges Act. If passed and enacted in its current form, this bill would lead to the deterioration and loss of quality higher education in California.

California AB1160 Postponed
Lawmakers paused consideration of the AB1160 for this calendar year.