Financial Wellness Task Force

The COHEAO Financial Wellness Task Force identifies best practices, serves as a forum on existing programs and new ideas, and advocates for policies that leverage one of the most “teachable moments” in personal finance – the process of obtaining a student loan.

A Financial Wellness Newsletter is prepared monthly and shared with COHEAO members. To read these newsletters, click here.

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) Annual Report for 2020-21


The COHEAO Financial Wellness Task Force is excited to announce the recent publication of its latest white paper –  The Financial Transition from Student to Employee: Implications for Higher Education and Employers. This paper highlights the importance of sound financial decisions and behaviors not only while in school, but also during the transition to alumni and career. COHEAO would like to thank Katherine Sauer for her lead role in the development of this paper and all of the contributors: Bryan Ashton, T.G.; Elizabeth Coogan, Federal Student Aid; Paul Goebel, University of North Texas; Jodi Kaus, Kansas State University; Niki Pechinski, University of Minnesota-Duluth; and Todd Woodlee, iGrad; as well as all of the attendees of the COHEAO Financial Wellness Summit in August of 2016.

The COHEAO Financial Wellness Task Force previously published two Financial Wellness White Papers to raise awareness of this issue and to highlight the great work being done in providing financial education on college campuses.

COHEAO’s first two published White Papers are:

Financial Literacy in Higher Education:  The Most Successful Models and Methods for Gaining Traction – March 2014

Financial Literacy on Campus: Raising Awareness, Creating and Developing Programs, and Improving Effectiveness – November, 2012

The COHEAO Financial Wellness Task Force is chaired by Lottia Windham.  If you are interested in participating in COHEAO’s Financial Wellness Task Force, please contact Lottia.

A meeting of the COHEAO Financial Literacy Task Force

A meeting of the COHEAO Financial Literacy Task Force